Boneham & Turner helps those fighting COVID-19

By Boneham and Turner Limited
schedule14th May 20

Midlands-based manufacturer Boneham & Turner has produced essential components needed for the assembly of ventilators, after being requested by Rolls-Royce. 

Boneham & Turner Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tooling components and precision engineered components in the UK. 

In order to fulfil the order for thousands of plastic and metal components for the central ventilator challenge, Boneham and Turner ran two shifts per day for a week. Charles Boneham, Managing Director of Boneham & Turner, told The Made in Group how the work came about:

“I received a Linkedin message early afternoon Saturday 28th March, where I was asked to telephone Shaun Higginbotham at Rolls Royce, he explained that 8,000 ventilators had to be manufactured urgently and they desperately needed engineering companies to assist, without hesitation I agreed to help any way I could. 

Within the hour on that Saturday afternoon drawings were sent through and we looked at the vast number of parts which needed machining within the week.

That Sunday morning we had assembled a team to programme the drawings on to the machines, to get the parts estimated and to put a quotation for Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce gave us the go-ahead and the parts were ready to go for the first batch Sunday evening”

The parts produced by Boneham will be used to assemble the ventilators at GKN in the Isle of White and Bristol, which will then be used in major hospitals up and down the country. Talking about how it felt to be part of the central effort to produce ventilators, Charles said: 

“At the end of it all, we all had a fantastic sense of achievement and great teamwork. I would like to offer my Thanks to the team at Rolls Royce for involving us and who worked tirelessly, putting in long hours on the challenging project for weeks.”

Other than the work for ventilators, Boneham is still open to supporting new and existing customers. They are also wanting to diversify their business into new markets such as medical and are looking at investing in new machinery to do this.  

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